08 September 2008

Blogger's Block, Only Four Posts In?

For you bloggers out there: is it normal to have blogger's block this early on?? I'm not exactly blocked, it's more like fear. I have lots and lots to write about, but I'm in fear of my blog not seeming "focused" enough, or about anyone actually caring what goes on here at White Pine Lane! (Note to self: stop reading all those "how to blog" blogs and just blog!)

Note: If you're experiencing the dreaded block, check out Merlin Mann's tips on Hacking Your Way out of Writer's Block over on 43 folders. He's always good for a laugh. (Think about bunnies indeed!)

Working fast and furiously toward that Giant Squid goal over at Squidoo... 22 days and counting! I'm up to 52 lenses, but only 48 of them are published as of today, so I've still got work to do. (Plus polishing up all the ones that already are published!)

Harry Potter, Halloween, blogMy two latest lenses both have to do with my kids! The first is a Squidboo lens (Halloween-related, in case you couldn't tell) called Brother-Sister Halloween Costumes! It shows the three Halloweens so far that my kids have gone out in related costumes, and then shows you how to get your hands on similar costumes! It's lots of fun.

Blue's Clues, Halloween, blog I always loved to dress them in the little brother-sister coordinating outfits, and related costumes kind of continued that theme. When they were very little, they were Steve and Blue. A couple years later, Lilo & Stitch, and a couple years after that, Harry and Hermione. It just seems odd when they go out in something non-matching! One year: A princess riding a unicorn and a Ghostbuster! Another year: a cheerleader and Darth Vader! Something just not right about that, LOL!

The other lens I published this weekend is called My Squidlets, and it showcases my kids' own lenses, as they are Squidoo lensmasters in their own right! Pretty impressive for 11 and 9, wouldn't you say? Definitely check these kids out-- they are up-and-coming! Ciao for now!

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