02 January 2009

Web Tangents for January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, bloggy peeps! A new year, a new Web Tangents post. Started off at my Google Reader... with 1000+ unread items. Not a good way to start the year! Did you know that Google has implemented a new feature that turns off the "# of unread items" figures (in case they're stressing you out)? And also-- if you're not using Google Reader to keep up on things yet, why in the world not?? I don't know what I'd do without it!)

One fun blog that I like to keep up with via Reader is called Maitresse. It's written by a literary americaine ex-pat a Paris, and it's an entertaining way to keep me somewhat connected to the city. Plus she does this little thing called "around the internet on a tuesday" that may or may not have inspired Web Tangents... but I digress. Two things on Maitresse caught my eye today: first, a Monet that I had never seen before, La femme a la cape rouge, that author Lauren Elkin used for her Christmas post (enchanting!), and then a link to an article on the U.S.'s most literate cities (she lamenting that her native New York was not even near the top ten..!)

What is the number one most literate city in the U.S. for 2008, you may ask? Why, it's Minneapolis! (OK, so Mpls is tied with Seattle-- but that's not the point here....) I have to say I'm not surprised. In fact, since part of the judging is based on book sales, I may have carried the city myself! Oh! and do we notice something? City # 3 is St. Paul! Seems Minnesota isn't some hick backwater after all.... (Plus, it gets damned cold in the winter and there's not much else to do but read!) :-)

Skipping over to my other favorite American/Parisian blog, O Chateau: Stuff Parisians Like. I liked this post on Jeans, even though that's certainly not the way it was when I lived there (we won't say how many years ago...), and also an earlier post on Berthillon. And I adore how author Oliver Magny ends each post with useful tips, and "Sound like a Parisian"! « Faut qu’j’m’ach├Ęte un jean…» Read quite a few more posts at O Chateau, LOL'd, spoke French to the air, then moved on to Twitter. Where I've been a lot today. 'Cuz it's my JOB now! (OK, a little, teeny part of my job, but still-- MY JOB! W00t!)

Most interesting tweets today: Twitter flash mob helps homeless, and Pete Brown(MVP)
Got this shirt for Christmas :) The shirt: Pluto gets demoted, ThinkGeek makes a shirt. ThinkGeek. Now there's a website with my name all over it.

And that's where I have to end my tangent for tonight, because I have a bad head cold, and when you have a bad head cold you can't make good segues, write clear conclusions, or be pithy. At all. See you next time.

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