18 November 2009

Web Tangents: Around the Web on a Wednesday

WhitePineLane Web TangentsFirst off, HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS, PEOPLE? There is an Eggo Waffle shortage, and we may have to live without Eggo waffles until early 2010. Wha... at?? No NutriGrain Whole Wheat Eggo Waffles on a Saturday morning? I am new to reading The Blogess ("Like Mother Teresa, Only Better"), but enjoying her so far. She fills you in on the whole Onion-like crisis here. My favorite is one of the comments on her blog post: "Waffle we do??"

Oh, and speaking of The Onion, did you know that December has been named National Awareness Month? Check it out!

Next, we roll back over to Twitter, which is where I first heard of the horrible waffle shortage of '09. A few tweets earlier, I had re-tweeted (by hand, mind you, not the stupid new-fangled way) my displeasure with the new Retweet system. My work Twitter account had been included in the beta today, and I was not at all pleased with what I saw. I heartily agree with Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media when she explains Why Twitter's New Retweet Feature Sucks. Fresh from retweeting to my tweeps about the Retweeting Function sucking and the global waffle crisis, I come back to my Twitter home page I find that my account is now in on the Retweet beta. Augh! No likey.

Over on Facebook, my friend Yvonne is looking for Zhu Zhu Pets for her cutie little twins. I looked around and sent her this: Got Zhu Zhu? Top Ten Ways to Score a Hamster!

Then I'm suddenly struck by a brilliant idea - I'll go over to Squidoo and make a Zhu Zhu lens! I'll make a mint in the month before Christmas, with all the Zhu Zhu searchers out there! Hmm, well. Fortunately, I searched Squidoo first to see what I was up against, and found... 70+ lenses about Zhu Zhus. Squidoo got Zhu Zhu? Yes... yes we do.

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