11 September 2010

I haven't forgotten

Update:  Here is a 9/11 piece that's much more my style
(although I still like the video below):  
from The Onion, Sep 26, 2001:  
Thanks to my friend Louisa for sharing this article on Facebook.
Today is 9/11.
And as much as I hate these wars we are involved in and I think they need to end, when I saw this video posted on my friend Lani's blog, I thought no, I haven't forgotten.
It really is important to remember how we felt that day nine years ago.

My kids were just little that day.  They didn't understand what was happening.  Here my mom and I had just stepped outside with them after five or six straight hours of watching the horrors unfold on the TV.
  • I believe Afghanistan and Iraq are two completely different things, and that only one of them relates to 9/11.
  • I DO NOT like country music (generally). :-P :-)
  • I'm not really a political person, I just think it IS important to remember.
Thanks for visiting. On a completely different topic, I'll be around a LOT more starting the week after next when I am BACK TO BEING A STAY-AT-HOME MOM! Woo-Hoo! :-D My motto of the last five years is coming true!
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